Game Hosting


To manage your server you can use the Pterodactyl server management console. With Pterodactyl you can easily modify your server configuration, upload new files and create backups.

Fast Game Hosting

We're committed to provide the best game hosting services possible. All of our game servers run on Ryzen 5 CPU's with fast SSD storage for the best performance.

Free Backups

We do not want you to lose any of your game data, that is why we provide free back-ups with every game server. You also get 1 database to store any extra data your game server might need.

Why are our servers so fast?

Ryzen 5 CPU

With a CPU score of 17,864, the Ryzen 5 CPU’s provide very good overall performance and especially for game server hosting.


To maximize all of your available memory, our servers use only DDR4 RAM. This provides the fastest memory access.

NVMe SSD Storage

NVMe is an extension to SSD storage and provides even faster storage than SSD’s without it.

1 Gbps uplink

All of our servers have 1 Gbps uplink to provide you with the fastest possible speed and lowest latency.

Hosted in the Netherlands

Our servers are currently located in the Netherlands. This provides a fast speed and low latency to most countries.

Launch your server now!

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